Travel – after COVID-19

With the travel industry being one of the hardest hit since the outbreak of COVID-19, we must all wonder how and when is this going to end?

Certainly our business has lost most of our bookings for tours and transfers since the outbreak. Our business is mainly based from the US and Canadian Market, as well as local travellers heading off on their annual holidays.

So the question everyone is asking is when will this all return to normal?

I think we will all need to be looking at a new normal. After all the opening of borders and flights recommencing is not going to see a stampede of clients coming through the doors. This does not mean that businesses are not going to be able to replenish and survive. It just means looking at this situation through different eyes.

The one thing we have learnt and know is that peoples search for adventure and travel will always remain. The issue we have is that for some their confidence will need to be rebuilt and replenished. Our industry and us at Finesse have to find a way to rebuild this trust and see clients slowly confident to return.

Very early into this pandemic, before lock-down / social distancing measures were introduced, Finesse Chauffeurs put in place their own COVID-19 policy. We introduced additional strict cleaning between each job, antibacterial hand gel and wipes for clients and support for both drivers and clients. Following lock-down, we took the decision to stop all but essential travel. We felt that travel into Cornwall, specifically, was only going to put added pressure on our wonderful NHS staff and services.

So, this has given us time to work on how the business can progress post COVID-19. Obviously our no.1 priority is the safety of everyone and promoting trust in our services. We already only offer private travel. No element of our business for shared travel will be available. Sadly the only service we did provide pre-Covid-19 was our preset tours in Newquay and Truro (Cornwall). These will no longer be available. We are in preparation and talks with other suppliers to provide our own luxury tours that individuals will be able to book direct with us. As at present, these will be for individuals and small groups of people who book together. We will be maintaining our usual standards of cleanliness and putting in protective equipment to ensure the clients feel safe. These will be optional to wear and utilise.

The world remains a big place with so many hidden gems that people have yet to discover. During this time we have been able to look out and see the amazing wildlife and hear the sounds of nature around us. These are the things that people will be wanting to get back and see, hear and explore. Our human need to explore and witness life outside of our everyday environment is inevitable.

During this time we are working on some visual indications of life in the UK to entice you all to return. When you do, we will have lots of special experiences that you can participate and absorb during your tours “with a little finesse”.

At Finesse Chauffeurs and Tours we see many new experiences and a great future on the horizon. We would love to chat to you about restarting your adventures with us in the near future.

Call Nicola on +44 1726810804


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