Meet the Team

Introduction to Mark Hollis – Owner

p.s the wine was the Mrs, always the “Chauffeur” LOL

The person behind the dreams and initiation of “Finesse Chauffeurs” is Mark Hollis.

Mark was born and brought up in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Where he worked in the transport industry for over 30 years. Encompassing areas of trade such as multinational companies and also smaller franchises. Working in a variety of technical, advisory and management roles.

His first experiences of chauffeur work started earlier in his career, however as work moved and changed this no longer became the mainstay of his role. One that Mark sadly missed.

After moving to Cornwall in 2004, Mark worked initially in a technical role, however utilised his time to build and develop the ideas and utilise skills that would go on to become “Finesse Chauffeurs”.

Many people are not aware, that the company they see today started in more humble beginnings. Initially we provided our services for weddings only. Before we began to get increasing interest in alternative travel options and so the development of “Finesse Chauffeurs” began in earnest. A small stepping stone for the many other services we provide today. We now provide all aspects of personal private chauffeur services from business, personal, stay-cations, tours and transfers to name just a few.

Mark continues to be at the forefront of driving the business forward into the next decade. With many interesting additional services, and experiences, that our clients can enjoy as part of our exceptional standards.

It has obviously been a tough time across the global travel industry in these difficult times, due to COVID-19. However we have managed to utilise this time wisely to move the business forward into the future market.

Mark and the rest of the team are committed to building a strong future, based on our knowledge, feedback from clients and understanding of the marketplace. We have forever worked on moving the business forward, adapting to the changing needs of our travelling clients and the future of travel as a whole.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys relaxing with his German Shepherd / Husky cross, Nessa, or taking her out for “walkies”. Spending time with family and visiting his son who is away, currently at University. Mark and his wife, Nicola, who also works with “Finesse” enjoy going out for meals, the cinema and attending business events together.

Nessa helping out in the office. Is it toy time yet?

Mark and the team are looking forward to seeing you all soon. More members of the “Meet the team” to follow………….

If you have any questions or suggestions; please do not hesitate to contact us;

Mark Hollis

Finesse Chauffeurs

+44 1726 810804



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