Winter 2020

  Well we all know what a difficult year this has been. Who would have thought as we saw the new year in, and the start of another new decade, what was ahead of us. 


  So many difficult times have befallen us since we first entered the sphere of lockdown. We have learnt to live in a different way.

Covid has affected individuals and businesses the world over

  Around these restrictions, we have been resourceful and learnt to work in a new way.

  Social distancing – has taught us it is okay to work from home, given us the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones and networking has replaced face to face meetings.

  I recall a conversation I had before Covid-19 with a fellow business friend. We were discussing the trend and speed of life in general, but also exacerbated by running a business.  We agreed that wouldn’t it be good, if just for a while, we could holt the merry-go-round of life and take a breather.

When our lives spin out of control. Take a step away and breathe

  Oh how these words have come back to me so frequently recently. In all the toil and negatively (of which there has been many) I am proud to say that if exactly what we have done. YES, like so many business’s we have struggled with the financial burden and crisis caused by Covid-19. However we have also enjoyed the opportunity to sit back, reflect and plan ahead.

  I think we all need to remind ourselves that this situation in no way reflects our individual businesses or our personal abilities. It is very easy to be hard our ourselves. No one, no matter what happens during this time, is a failure.

  Through continued support and contribution from fellow members of the business community we can move forward.

Online networking

  Thank you for supporting us throughout this entire time. We thank you all and look forward to seeing what 2021 has in store.


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