What’s in a tour?

  We always start our tour planning with an open conversation. Many people will do a Google search and find places that are commonly visited. The result of this is all tours are the same and don’t reflect or provide you with a fulfilled vacation.   We have built our business to provide a friendlyContinue reading “What’s in a tour?”

Tours of Cornwall and the UK with a little “Finesse”

Meet the Team

Introduction to Mark Hollis – Owner The person behind the dreams and initiation of “Finesse Chauffeurs” is Mark Hollis. Mark was born and brought up in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Where he worked in the transport industry for over 30 years. Encompassing areas of trade such as multinational companies and also smaller franchises. Working in a varietyContinue reading “Meet the Team”

What is your “real” business?

It has come to my attention recently that some people have become so caught up in the “game” of making it big that they have forgotten or, in the least, put their true business format on the back burner. Now don’t get me wrong, having all your eggs in one basket isn’t necessarily good practice,Continue reading “What is your “real” business?”