Travel for all – Equality and Diversity

Freedom to be unique

  Finesse Chauffeurs have been proud to work with several individuals from across the LGBTQ+ community for a variety of travel purposes.

  We appreciate that all of our clients regardless of personality and lifestyle choices, are unique and as a result are welcomed as part of our Finesse journey.

  We promise to offer you all the same welcome and freedom to choose your travel needs. Any limitations on travel will be universal and none specific to gender, sexuality or stereotypes.

  Finesse Chauffeurs provide travel for all occasions, from business to leisure. We specialise in tours /stay cations, weddings & Civil Partnerships . If you are planning to join your partner in a lifelong commitment, give us a call      01726 810804 📱

Wedding/ Partnership Ceremonies

  We also know that moving forward more people are going to be venturing out. We are able to provide travel for both traditional tours or if you fancy a bit of adventure why not contact us for details on our activity breaks.

  We can arrange a whole array of exciting challenges for activities such as zip wire, coasteering, segway, surfing and boating to name just a few. Get to challenge yourself as a couple or as a group of friends.

  Or perhaps you want to have a romantic getaway. Then why not let us book you in to a hotel for a spa, jacuzzi, a bottle of bubbly and a lovely meal.

Couples Spa


  When we are able to get out and about again to celebrate our uniqueness and independence then we would love to have you on board. #Pride

Pride March

Finesse Chauffeurs don’t do travel for the LGBTQ / heterosexual community, we do travel for EVERYONE. It’s that simple.

If you need to get somewhere, then we can help;

Contact Nicola for more details.

Moving forward in business travel

    Now when most people think about business travel, they usually picture a business owner or sales person needing a transfer to the airport. Well of course Finesse Chauffeurs are certainly the right people for this. However business travel is so much more. It’s about keeping you connected, promoting you and your sales, giving you the edge, while allowing you time to do what you do best.

Lets look at the different types of travel we can offer, and how they can improve your business, work/life balance and improve time management. No stress or worry with planning. One call or email to us and we will plan everything for you. Whatever your journey and needs, we have the solution, so you can sit back and put your feet up.

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Ideal for business meeting on the move

Business Meetings

Lets say you have a business meeting to go to. You need to be relaxed and fresh when you arrive. Then simply give us a call, tell us where you need to be, on what date and the time you need to arrive. Simple. Leave the rest to us. We will arrange a driver to collect you from your home or office and take you directly to the meeting location. So why is this such a vital service? It allows you to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. You can even work on route, make calls or catch up on vital information needed for the meeting.

Potential Clients

Now we all know, especially during these uncertain times, that securing a client, a contract and winning over your clients is tough. At Finesse Chauffeurs we offer you an amazing boost to give you the edge over your competitors. So how does this work?

Saloons or MPV’s available

Let me give you one example; You have a top executive coming down from Bristol for a meeting to discuss a large contract that is going to boost your sales and allow the company to grow and take on new staff. Now you know your competitor, who is only based 30 miles away is up for the same contract. now I am sure your product is amazing, but the other company are larger, more well known as they have been in business longer, potentially giving them the edge.

This is where we come in. You call them up and tell them not to worry about travel, you have arranged for a chauffeur to pick them up and bring them directly to you (and return them back again). The saying is true “First impressions do count”. It will also mean this client will arrive refreshed and ready to make business.

A company name you can trust

Now you may be thinking I can’t afford to do that. Think of it this way “can you afford not to”. Plus our prices are not unreasonable and in the long run the weigh off against getting the contract is far out balanced. Contact us;

Awards & Events

And the winner is….

If you have been invited, hosting or speaking at an award ceremony or event, then we can get you there in style and comfort. Sit back relax and enjoy without the stress of driving, route planning and arranging a designated driver. If it is a late event are you are planning on stopping over, we will be there to provide collection the following day. Remember: we cover the entire mainland UK.


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In these current times and more people linking up online, you may not require travel for networking. However if you are venturing out with your mask and social distancing in place, then give us a call. We can get you to you location, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


While all of our clients are very special to us at Finesse Chauffeurs. We also offer specialist services to agents, TV and film companies, Radio, sport, musicians and individuals requiring confidential travel. In our time at Finesse Chauffeurs, we have been incredibly fortunate to work with some great clients from all areas of the entertainment and sporting spectrum. Confidentiality and professionalism guaranteed.

Meet & Greets on all travel – Private Jet and Helicopter meets a speciality

If you are an agent or manager and are looking for travel for your client then please contact; Nicola Hollis on +44 1726 810804

Airport Transfers

This service is to allow you the time to sit back and relax and not worry about baggage, getting to the train station, changing platforms. In this current climate, when we are able to fly, Finesse Chauffeurs have put in place all the necessary precautions to maintain yours and the drivers safety and health.

If you would like a copy of our COVID-19 precautions that are in place email me;


Our fleet of BMW 7 series, Mercedes Viano and Mercedes V Class. Exempt from signage and plating with Cornwall Council. All drivers are DBS checked and are experienced at putting our clients at ease.

We believe everyone “deserves a little finesse in their lives”

Working smart not hard

As time has progressed in our company this statement has become never so more important than now. In a time where things are so unsure, we need to do exactly this. Working smart not hard.

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We learnt early on that working 24/7 may bring in a little money to get you started but it does not build a stable future in your business. I think we all remember, when first starting our new business that we think we have to price low to win from our competitors. However all this does is create the infamous “race to the bottom”. When your competitors, many who have been in business a longer time and therefore able to afford to cut prices. So where does that leave you? cutting cost until you are working all the hours for little or no profit with no work / life balance.

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This just leaves us feeling tired and stressed, an ultimately not very productive. So here are some of the things that we learnt early on, that we needed to move forward and grow our business not just work in it.

  • Have an effective business plan
  • Know your worth
  • Understand your business
  • Be clear about your costings
  • Be proud and loud about your company
  • Link with others that can help you grow

You need to have a solid business plan. If you don’t know where you are now and where you want to be, how do you know how to get there. Think of a business plan as your “SatNav” to steer you in the right direction.

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When it comes to pricing your services, remember “know your worth”. By this I mean believe in your skills, knowledge and experience. Don’t forget everything you sell is because you have worked hard to source / build or invest your time and energy to create it. This is particularly important when you consider your USP. There may be 2 very similar companies selling services that appear, on the surface, identical. What makes you stand out, and what is the value of that uniqueness.

Most sole traders or SME’s will have a good idea on what there business is and what it represents. However, check you are fully aware of every aspect of what you offer, costings and the finer details that makes you what you are.

Now we have met so many companies who price according to their competitors. While I would not disagree that you need to be aware of what those around you are charging, do not fall into the pit of comparing yourself on price alone. So many companies, I have spoken to do not cost their expenses in properly.

  1. If you are not even covering your costs then how are you ever going to make a profit and grow your business.
  2. Consider ALL costs; for us that is not just fuel and wages. We consider EVERYTHING! This is the one thing that most new businesses find hard to deal with. Trust us, we were no different. Now we have learnt, and unbelievably it is not a huge cost to the client.
  3. Of course once you have discovered your break even point (no 2), you need to add on your profit!! I know, hard for some people to accept and feel good about. Just think you are in this to make a profit (unless of course you are a not for profit organisation). Yes you enjoy your work, running your business, but profit is not a swear word. It is not unreasonable to make a profit. This is also very important if you want to grow your business. PROFIT and GROWTH are not the same thing.
  4. Once you have your costing formula; cost + % profit = your charges
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Never be frightened or embarrassed about “blowing your own trumpet”. You have worked hard. Also it helps promote your business to potential clients. One thing we have found incredibly useful recently is networking with Your Partnerships.

The one thing we learnt was that there is a right time and a wrong time in business for everything. You won’t always get it right, don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t give up. Seek advice. This is where networking is so good. There will always be others to ask for advice or bounce ideas off of.

When we started out, we had no money, no real business experience. We did things as money allowed. Such things as; getting our website, having a video made, business logo etc. Amazing all three of these things came from recommendations to other local businesses. Helping one another, particularly local businesses is an amazing feel good factor too. Just remember there is a right time to take the leap and a time to wait. Choose a time that is right for you……

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If anyone would like to chat about our experiences, suggestions and recommendations or about how to join Your Partnerships or Silvatree (a modern bartering group that allows you to utilise your empty services and sales for other services you need – win win), book a chat with me; Nicola Hollis

Finesse Chauffeurs +441726810804

Experienced business and tour providers across the UK.

Travel – not just a journey

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”

Marcel Proust
Waking to a dawn of new horizons

At Finesse Chauffeurs & Tours we really want you to experience, not the normal but the extraordinary.

This is why we have deliberately stayed clear of the “one tour fits all” scenario. You know the tours where you book online, with potentially several other couples, or groups. You have a long day ahead with so many stops, you don’t get the chance to see or explore what you want. Half an hour here, twenty minutes there. This is not what we offer.

You may think well I have been there before! but the question is did you really see it!

We want you to have a 5 star experience not a 1 star. Fast moving pictures out of a window as you pass by is not what you get with “Finesse”. We provide an up close and personal look around your favourite and wished for locations.

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A journey with us is your chance to sit back, relax and enjoy with the people you know and have chosen to travel with. Exploring different locations, routes not well trodden and enjoy some amazing experiences.

Our tours give you a choice of multiple events and activities that you will take away and remember for your lifetime.


Feel the sand under your feet

Let us arrange your accommodation. Quiet B&B’s, Luxury 5* Hotels and unique locations.

All of our services are fully COVID-19 safety compliant to the highest standards. Details available please ask;

Nicola Hollis

Finesse Chauffeurs