Winter 2020

  Well we all know what a difficult year this has been. Who would have thought as we saw the new year in, and the start of another new decade, what was ahead of us.      So many difficult times have befallen us since we first entered the sphere of lockdown. We have learntContinue reading “Winter 2020”

Working smart not hard

As time has progressed in our company this statement has become never so more important than now. In a time where things are so unsure, we need to do exactly this. Working smart not hard. We learnt early on that working 24/7 may bring in a little money to get you started but it doesContinue reading “Working smart not hard”

Business Finesse

Finesse Chauffeurs offer a unique opportunity for businesses across the South West. We are able and willing to spend the time to sit with you, and your colleagues, and discuss the very specific needs of your business. As no two companies are alike, we are able to tailor our services to give you a highlyContinue reading “Business Finesse”